Off-Topic Thursday: ZOOM iQ7 Microphone

I have a confession to make: I am an audio/visual gear junkie. I always justify picking up new pieces of equipment by alleging that they'll help me expand the work that I can do and roles that I can play within groups I get involved with.

Fortunately for me, I work with a lot of lovely creatives who are more than happy to let me flex my creative muscles in other ways. For an October show with Le Tre Fenici, I created an hour-and-a-half black and white film to run behind our staged performance. For an upcoming co-sponsored production by Madame Thalia and Le Tre Fenici, I did the text design work on the poster for the event.

Image Credit: ZOOM North America

Image Credit: ZOOM North America

Where I really get in deep, though, is audio recording gear. I record exclusively with digital equipment and love to get up to my elbows in wires, microphones, audio interfaces, and software.

One of my absolute favorite tools of the moment is the Zoom iQ7 Rotating Mid Side Stereo Capsule - Lightning Connector for iOS. I've been using it for about a year for everything from quick solo recordings to the main microphone to capture a stage performance, and I've been consistently impressed with its performance.

The microphone is a small mid-side unit that connects directly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch through the Lightning Port--the same one that you use to charge your iOS device or to connect it to other peripherals. Users can record with ZOOM Handy Recorder app (available for free download in the iTunes App Store) or with built-in apps on the iOS device.

The outstanding feature about this mic that recommended it to me over the other ZOOM Lightning Connector models is its ability to work with the built in video app on iOS devices, giving you the freedom to capture serious high-quality audio and video simultaneously.

For the extra nerdy among you, you'll enjoy that the mic can handle high SPLs, up to 120 dB. I've been able to record a third-octave operatic soprano at forte levels without clipping (when I remembered to adjust the mic sensitivity!) And the mic has the option to record in 90, 120, or mid-side patterns, giving you extra control over your best sound.

The long story short: if you're looking for an inexpensive microphone that works right with your iOS device, you can't do better than the ZOOM iQ7. It's well worth every penny of its $100 price tag!

Nota bene: I receive no compensation from if you choose to order from them. I link to them because they are my favorite source for audio gear thanks to consistently superior customer service and excellent pricing.